Briefly about us

SIA Tolmets Kurzeme is the leading company in purchasing and recycling scrap metal in Kurzeme. The company offers wide range of services: purchases ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, batteries, electronic waste, and car catalysers.

We ensure collection and transportation of scrap metal with our transport, and we also offer free lease of light trailers (up to 2 hours) for taking scrap metal to the collection site.

We ensure fast execution of documents and quick performance of payments. The company offers convenient solutions for collecting ferrous and non-ferrous metal, dismantling various objects and ships, and disposing of used vehicles and removal of vehicles from registration.

The company has all the necessary equipment for fast and convenient performance of all the services. We can offer the highest price and flexible approach to every client. The metal content of catalysers and precious metals, and non-ferrous metals is established using a professional metal analyser.